How to Get Tears of Themis and Summon Vision Cards

How to Get Tears of Themis

Wondering how to get Tears of Themis? Then you're doing the right thing, because this isn't just miHoYo's latest game – they are the makers of Genshin Impact); it is also the name of one of the most valuable items in the Otome game. Mixing elements of romance, detective work, and collecting card game, Tears of Themis requires you to build a strong and balanced deck comprised of cards featuring the four romantic interests in the game: Artem Wing, Luke Pearce, Vyn Richter, and Marius von Hagen. To pull those cards you must use the gacha system, which is called Visions. Most of the time you have the choice of different banners with the occasional drop rate increase, and you can choose a single pull or a 10-pull, but for that you need that special item. So, how do you get more Tears of Themis?

How to Get More Tears of Themis

How to Get More Tears of Themis Vision Gacha

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There are various ways of earning Tears of Themis. Most of them will be tied to a limited-time event such as sign-in rewards, or other events that miHoYo has in store for the long run. During the English closed beta we already managed to see a few ways, so here is how to claim those much-desired items.

Surveys… Surveys aren't very frequent, but each time that they show up, you should get to it immediately. Tears of Themis rewards seem to be a thing, and the longer the survey is, the more Tears you will get for your time.

The most straightforward way to earn Tears of Themis during the closed beta is simply to log in every day, and a similar event will probably go live now and then. You'll receive Tears of Themis on day 3 (x1), day 6 (x1), day 7 (x2), day 8 (x2), and day 9 (x3). Saving for a 10-pull Vision will be easy after earning these Tears.

Daily sign-in rewards may include Tears of Themis every now and then, but the most common items are Stellin (virtual currency used to level up cards), S-Chip (valuable, because can be used to purchase Tears of Themis and other items), Oracle of Justice (to enhance Visions), and Impressions (used to enhance the cards of Empathy, Logic, and Intuition types).

Rookie tasks also feature a few items to collect, namely the Startup Assist Sign-In and the Startup Assist Quest. The former is another variation of the daily sign-in event, while the latter requires you to complete assorted tasks such as completing a stage, having three friends, drinking one energy drink, upgrading cards, and a lot more – in some way, just like achievements. Finishing these daily quests gives you additional rewards, with the big prize coming at the end of the seven days: six Tears of Themis.

The Trials of Themis minigame is unlocked after you complete Chapter 2. This retro-styled game will place you in debates and question and answer challenges, occasionally rewarding you with a Tear of Themis item at the end of a few specific – and rare – levels. We recommend you to read our Trials of Themis quiz answers guide so that you never miss a beat.

These are just a few ways to get Tears to summon Visions, also known as cards. If new ways of earning these Tears arise, we'll make sure to update this guide.

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