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Tears of Themis Chapter 1 Trial Evidence Guide

Your first big case as an attorney in the English release of Tears of Themis is going to put an old and sick man against a young and ruthless businessman. Vernon Green is the owner of the Penny's Comfort Foods restaurant, while Pedro Brooks is a sales manager for DeliCart, a restaurant review website. Grandpa Vern was accused of food poisoning by six clients, who are demanding $30,000 each. For some reason, he is acting strange and admitting that he accidentally poisoned the water and is responsible for the situation. What else could there be? Our Tears of Themis Chapter 1 trial evidence guide will dig into the climax and point you in the way of justice.

Tears of Themis Chapter 1 Trial Evidence Guide | Food Poisoning Case at Penny's Comfort Foods

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In case you're still putting every piece together to find connections, our Tears of Themis Chapter 1 Analysis Guide | The Hand That Feeds Connections wiki is going to help you reach the trial.

Allegedly, Grandpa Vern accidentally mixed insecticide into the spring water that was used to make Seafood Tofu Soup, causing severe discomfort to six clients. Now a man of weak health, he is used to financially help poor students achieve their goals.

On the other hand, Pedro Brooks is a ruthless sales manager who was trying to get Mr. Vernon to buy DeliCart's premium package. As it turns out, Pedro was one of the students under the wings of Vernon, but ambition clouded his moral compass and led to a conflicted young man. How far is he willing to go in order to achieve his goals at the company?

The Food Poisoning Case at Penny's Comfort Foods trial starts on level 01-16 and isn't a very long one; follow the guide below and you'll expose the culprit in no time.

Evidence 1:

The poisoning insecticide was purchased by Mr. Brooks. The proof is…

  • Insecticide 330 Receipt
  • Present the fingerprints on the receipt

Evidence 2:

Mr. Brooks went to the restaurant shortly before the incident and had every opportunity to poison the water. The proof is…

  • Front Door Surveillance Video

Evidence 3:

The evidence that proves Mr. Brooks poisoned the spring water is…

  • Water Dispenser

Evidence 4:

Mr. Brooks has a motive to commit such a crime, and the evidence is…

  • Audio recording of Pedro's confession
  • Present the kitchen's CCTV footage

A debate between the main character and Pedro Brooks ensues, and the defeated young sales manager is found guilty of poisoning the victims. We hope this Tears of Themis chapter 1 trial evidence guide helped you in your quest for justice.

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