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Tears of Themis Characters

Tears of Themis is a game that has it all – mystery, detective work… and romance with a bunch of hot guys. It is coming in 2021 for Android and iOS thanks to a studio that may ring a bell or two – miHoYo. You may know this talented outfit as the one that created the groundbreaking anime open world hit Genshin Impact, making this quite a detour from the action-packed antics of the Traveler, Paimon, and remaining cast of companions. This is the first otome game from the Chinese studio, putting players in the shoes of a young and cute female attorney at law. Your task is to solve challenging cases while interacting with four male leads, eventually finding the man of your dreams. Let's see who are these mysterious and alluring Tears of Themis characters.

Tears of Themis Characters

There are four Tears of Themis characters to interact with and be swept off your feet, I guess. Their original Chinese artwork is kept pretty much intact, but new English names were devised so that you can easily memorize them. There is some degree of imagination to most of them apart from Luke Pearce, the only one who was donned with a somewhat generic, popular boy name.

Here is the list of all the Tears of Themis characters or potential partners, with the English name next to the original name from the China version. You can also see their occupations.

  • Artem Wing / Zuo Ran – Top Attorney
  • Luke Pearce / Xia Yan – Private Detective
  • Marius Von Hagen / Lu Jinghe – Heir of Pax Group
  • Vyn Richter / Mo Yi – Psychiatrist

Artem Wing

Artem Wing

A very successful lawyer like there are few, Artem Wing has an almost flawless case record and is always showing a contained and rational attitude in his life. He is so strict and devoted to reasoning that he almost seems devoid of emotions, like a machine. Underneath it all, he is just used to suppress his feelings, especially because no one special enough has showed up to share them with him.

Luke Pearce

Luke Pearce

Luke Pearce is a cheerful private detective who is bright and clever, and is pretty knowledgeable… apart from love. He always devotes himself to the tasks at hand, being proficient in many skills including fighting, sniping, tracking down someone, survival, and more. However, when it comes to girls and love, he is fairly inexperienced and somewhat naive.

Marius von Hagen

Tears of Themis Characters Marius von Hagen

An influential personality and heir of a multinational group, this young man shows some disregard for rules and passes off the image of a rebellious playboy. However, this attitude can be considered a facade, since there is a lot more to Marius than he lets on. While outsiders may question his behavior and ability to carry on the legacy of his family, he is just tired of all the flattery and falseness surrounding him.

Vyn Richter

Tears of Themis Characters Vyn Richter

Vyn Richter is a Psychiatrist who is used to seeing beyond appearances. He has a reputation for being one of the best in his field and has rejected many offers to settle in the city of Stellis. He is extremely charming and easygoing, something that makes people open up to him and reveal their stories. But the time has come where he may have to open up himself to someone else.

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