How to Level Up Fast in Undecember

How to Level Up Fast in Undecember Guide

With the Undecember global release finally out there, many players are giving this Diablo-like game a shot and surely aiming for endgame during the next weeks. That may take a while because the Undecember maximum level cap at launch is generously high, but the more reason to get those skill runes and take your Rune Hunter through the various acts. In this guide we'll offer some tips on how to level up fast in Undecember, so keep reading.

Tips to Level Up Fast in Undecember

How to Level Up Fast in Undecember

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If you want to speedrun those dungeons, the first advice is to look for gear that makes your character increase their movement speed. Check the boots that you have in your inventory and find the ones that bring the best movement speed increase. The small gain may seem inconsequential at first, but even without noticing it, you're already clearing up dungeons slightly faster than other players of the same skill.

Then, I'd recommend you to go for a build that favors long-range attacks. For example, an Archer with some fire and frost spell skills thrown in for good measure, because you're going to find enemies of varying element resistances. While you may feel tempted to choose a stronger sword or axe, the truth is that you'll waste precious time running to the enemies when you can take out most of them from a distance with this bow and spell combo.

Still on the subject of arrows, make sure that you equip the Rapid Shot skill into your right mouse button skill slot. This skill shoots a series of arrows at lightning-fast speeds and is great for dealing with most mobs in the blink of an eye in exchange for a somewhat meager mana cost.

Another great way to speed through the arenas is by using the Teleport skill. This one is a lifesaver as it works pretty much as your standard dodge or blink function, taking you out of complicated situations and allowing you to swiftly take out your opponents.

After a few hours of leveling up and collecting gold, it's imperative to return to the town seller and stock up on health and mana potions, as many as you can. They are fairly cheap and you can buy up to 500 at a time, so get a bunch of them and remember to finetune your auto-potion settings according to your preferences.

Don't forget to regularly enhance your favorite skill runes as much as possible. The level gains can make all the difference when facing a new type of enemy or boss, and while this rune growth material isn't that easy to farm, you should use it to the best extent.

These are all the tips we have for you on how to level up fast in Undecember. Line Games' latest hack and slash RPG is available for Steam, Android, and iOS since October 12, 2022. Don't forget to check our other Undecember guides here on

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