How to Unlock Tower of Fantasy Outfits Guide

How to Unlock Tower of Fantasy Outfits

Tower of Fantasy released with a decent range of outfits for your character. As any true fan of MMORPGs knows, being able to pick from various looks is one of the most coveted goals, but also one of the hardest if you don't want to take out your credit card. Thankfully, there are a few costumes in this game that you can unlock just by progress alone, and in this guide we'll show you how to unlock Tower of Fantasy outfits.

How to Unlock All Tower of Fantasy Outfits

How to Unlock Tower of Fantasy Outfits Guide

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As you probably know, some outfits can be obtained with real-money alone, but others are just there for the taking. You'll see outfits detailed in bold, meaning that these are the ones that you can get for free. Some of them are starting outfits – six of them, excluding the pre-registration outfit – and the choice is quite interesting right off the bad.

The world of Aida has five huge regions, and exploring each one up to 85% will grant you the unique continent-themed outfit. These will eventually be yours after a week or so of playing, so you can count on them.

However, other Tower of Fantasy outfits will come up later through special events, or simply by purchasing them with Tanium, an in-game currency that you must purchase with real money. You can purchase 1,980 Tanium for USD $29.99, so you can do the math and see how much one of those premium Tower of Fantasy outfits is going to cost you at the time of launch. We would say about $20, so you decide if it's worth the asking price.

  • Desert Aurora: Default Outfit Choice
  • Last Stand: Default Outfit Choice
  • Star Sand: 2,500,000 Preorders Milestone Reward
  • Machine Era: Default Outfit Choice
  • Sunbeam Voyager: Default Outfit Choice
  • Nightwalk: Default Outfit Choice
  • Universal Work Clothes: Default Outfit Choice
  • Seaside Vacation: Unlock from Events
  • The Mission: Purchase this outfit for 1,280 Tanium
  • Wasteland: Reward from purchasing First Pass
  • Operation Streamer: Purchase this outfit for 1,280 Tanium
  • Desperado: Purchase this outfit for 1,280 Tanium
  • Conqueror: Explore 85% of the Astra region to unlock this outfit.
  • Wasteland Wanderer: Explore 85% of the Banges region to unlock this outfit.
  • Scavenger Outfit: Explore 85% of the Crown region to unlock this outfit.
  • Roamer: Explore 85% of the Navia region to unlock this outfit.
  • Visitor in the Snow: Explore 85% of the Warren region to unlock this outfit.

How to Change Tower of Fantasy Outfits

Picking your look is an easy task when you know it, but it's not that obvious for the first time. Here is how you can switch your Tower of Fantasy outfits.

  • Open the right side menu and go into Backpack
  • Find the Simulacra tab on the bottom of the screen
  • Above Simulacra, you can see an Outfits icon, click it
  • Now you can see all your outfits as well as the locked ones
  • Choose an unlocked outfit and press Use

You can also change some of your character's features in this screen, from hair to facial features, physique, and dyes, but you'll need some items for most cases, especially Beauty Vouchers.

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