Moonlight Blade Release Date | When is the Wuxia MMORPG releasing?

Moonlight Blade Release Date

When we speak of martial arts MMO games, Blade and Soul is one of the names that instantly comes to mind. However, Moonlight Blade is another game that enjoys a good reputation among fans of the genre. Oddly enough, this game developed by Chinese giant Tencent is yet to reach North America and Europe, but it is already available in some other regions. What is the Moonlight Blade release date in those regions and when can we expect to see it in the west?

Moonlight Blade Release Date | What is the Moonlight Blade Europe and North America release date?

Moonlight Blade release date

Before Nexon announces the Moonlight Blade western release in an official format, there were a couple of clear confirmations that it would hit North America and Europe. First, an update video from the Chinese version mentioned upcoming servers for Korea, Taiwan, North America, and Europe.

Secondly, during the announcement of the Q2 2018 financial results, Nexon revealed its upcoming releases, which included MapleStory 2 and Moonlight Blade for “North America and rest of the world.” This was solid confirmation that the Wuxia MMORPG is coming to western territories, unless something has changed in the meantime. While Tencent is the developer of the game, Nexon is acting as the publishing partner for Korea, North America, and Europe.

Considering that Nexon isn't in its best shape and had to cancel Peria Chronicles and Dragon Hound, it's normal to think that the fate of Moonlight Blade could be at stake. If Nexon manages to turn its fortunes around, this PC MMORPG will surely be an interesting release.

So, what do we know about the Moonlight Blade release so far across every territory? Let's take a look:

  • China: July 2015
  • Taiwan: November 2018
  • Korea: January 2018 (open beta)
  • North America and Europe: TBA

At this moment, it looks like the Moonlight Blade western release date may be slated for late 2020, but things may change in the meantime. It depends on what Nexon is planning for 2020 and if it is willing to release a few PC MMO games alongside its vast catalog of mobile titles. Let's hope we get to try Moonlight Blade's captivating brand of drunken and/or tantalizing flying in a few months.

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