Dragon Hound: next game from Vindictus makers is canceled

Dragon Hound

DevCat, the creators of action MMORPG Vindictus can't seem to get a break. After seeing their sci-fi meets mythology MOBA Ascendant One being canceled in July 2019 without ever setting foot outside of Korea, now it's the studio's next game, Dragon Hound, that is being canceled.

Announced by late 2016 as Project DH, Nexon was going to be the publisher of this Monster Hunter meets World of Tanks game. Dragon Hound is an Unreal Engine 4 powered game featuring mounted combat, but you couldn't dismount, hunting dragons and other fearsome beasts always glued to your faithful steed. It sounded like a strange concept that would be infinitely better if you could also run around freely, but we went with it.

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Now, Nexon has ordered DevCat to stop work on Dragon Hound. According to MMOCulture, this decision was based on Nexon's current restructuring, which results in a strict game review procedure where some games such as Dragon Hound took the bitter side of the deal.

Nexon says that this is a necessary move for the company to thrive, and that the results of these actions will be visible in three years. It's a bold statement that is meant to make the ranks look positively despite the grim situation, but we shall see if Nexon managed to overturn this delicate situation.

With the once highly anticipated open world anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles being canceled as well, and no sight of Moonlight Blade in North America despite it being confirmed in August 2018, things aren't looking great for Nexon. The Korean giant will probably double-down its efforts on mobile games such as the upcoming V4, something that may not be enough to bring good fortune to it again, considering the crowded state of the market. 

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