Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Burning Desert Chests and Vistas Locations

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Burning Desert Chests and Vistas Locations

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The Burning Desert region in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is home to extreme heat but also to some fiendishly hidden treasure chests. You must scour the entire area to find these, but here we are again to the rescue. Watch our Cross Worlds video guide or read the Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Burning Desert Chests and Vistas locations post below to go straight to these collectible items.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds | All Burning Desert Chests and Vistas Locations

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Each region apart from the starting area Evermore includes three vistas and three chests. Vistas are represented by this floating purple pillar that you activate to trigger a beautiful panorama, while chests are just as the name implies; however, you need to have a treasure chest key to open them, an item that you may earn by completing quests, some achievements, or purchasing it at the shop.

You'll find various treasure chests that aren't from the same category as the three main chests that you must find to complete your Record collection. You are advised to open these as well if you find them because it's still treasure, albeit a less important item for sure.

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Find all the Burning Desert Ni no Kuni Cross World chests and vistas in the map below. If you need extra guidance reaching some of the spots, you can use our video above to ease your journey.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Burning Desert Chests and Vistas Locations

Burning Desert Vistas

  • Desert Oasis
  • Mysterious Desert Ruins
  • Moneyma'am City

Vista 1 – Desert Oasis

This is an easy one, just run in the direction of the lake and you'll find the Desert Oasis Vista.

Vista 2 – Mysterious Desert Ruins

You can find this Vista as you go through the Mysterious Desert Ruins, it is in plain sight.

Vista 3 – Moneyma'am City

The Moneyma'am City Vista is hidden in one corner of the market, right as you go through the gate.

Burning Desert Chests

  • Cheese Rock Chest
  • Collapsed Ruin Chest
  • Ruin Pillar Chest

Chest 1 – Cheese Rock Chest

Nevermind the in-game hint, the Cheese Rock Chest is near the lake. Find a way to descend via a small pathway near a broken bridge and one jump later you can open the chest.

Chest 2 – Collapsed Ruin Chest

This is the first of two somewhat tricky chests. Run up the massive fallen pillar and then jump over to the broken bridge. One more jump and you can get the chest.

Chest 3 – Ruin Pillar Chest

The Ruin Pillar Chest location is the hardest to spot. Again, run up a big fallen pillar and the chest is up there, to your right.

That's it for our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Burning Desert Chests and Vistas guide. We hope it helps you get that extra loot and complete the region achievements, and don't forget to check the other Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds guide here on, check out some of them right below, with video guides included.

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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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