Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Grove Chests and Vistas Locations

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Grove Chests and Vistas Locations

Here is another detailed explanation on how and where to get all the chests and vistas for the Golden Grove region in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. This MMORPG from Netmarble and Level-5 has a lot going for it, especially the Familiars and the Kingdom mode, but you can roam the land searching for collectibles to complete your Records and earn even more rewards. With the help of our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Grove Chests and Vistas locations guide you'll get this done in no time.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds | All Golden Grove Chests and Vistas Locations

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Each region apart from the starting area Evermore includes three vistas and three chests. Vistas are represented by this floating purple pillar that you activate to trigger a beautiful panorama, while chests are just as the name implies; however, you need to have a treasure chest key to open them, an item that you may earn by completing quests, some achievements, or purchasing it at the shop.

You'll find various treasure chests that aren't from the same category as the three main chests that you must find to complete your Record collection. You are advised to open these as well if you find them because it's still treasure, albeit a less important item for sure.

Find all the Golden Grove Ni no Kuni Cross World chests and vistas in the map below. If you need extra guidance reaching some of the spots, you can use our video above to ease your journey.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Grove Chests and Vistas Locations

Golden Grove Vistas

  • Spring of Life
  • Mushroom Tree
  • Fairy Village

Vista 1 – Spring of Life

As you enter the area with the Spring of Life fountain in front of you, turn left and run until you see the Vista item.

Vista 2 – Mushroom Tree

Another very easy achievement – just run toward the Mushroom Tree Vista and you'll see the purple item near the ledge.

Vista 3 – Fairy Village

Go through the beautiful tree tunnel that marks the entrance to the Fairy Village and you'll see the Vista to your right.

Golden Grove Chests

  • Tree Vine Chest
  • Chest on Boulders
  • Stone Steps Chest

Chest 1 – Tree Vine Chest

The Tree Vine Chest is near the Mushroom Tree village, but the issue here is that you must climb the tree to reach it. There's only one way to do this which is near the cliff, you don't even have to jump.

Chest 2 – Chest on Boulders

This one is on the Sunlit Pond near the water stream. A couple of jumps and you're there, but remember that jumping in Ni no Kuni is fiddly and you should never be too close to the rock or tree – jump from a distance and it will work.

Chest 3 – Stone Steps Chest

This not-so-obvious chest is hidden to the right of a big tree. A couple of jumps and you will grab it.

That's it for our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Grove Chests and Vistas guide. We hope it helps you get that extra loot and complete the region achievements, and don't forget to check the other Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds guide here on, check out some of them right below.

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