Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas Locations

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas Locations

Welcome to Woebegone Wilds, one of the regions in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds that will leave you pulling your own hair as you try to find a couple of well-hidden treasure chests. Luckily we have discovered them for you and crafted this little video and text Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas locations guide, so that you don't miss a thing.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds | All Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas Locations

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Each region apart from the starting area Evermore includes three vistas and three chests. Vistas are represented by this floating purple pillar that you activate to trigger a beautiful panorama, while chests are just as the name implies; however, you need to have a treasure chest key to open them, an item that you may earn by completing quests, some achievements, or purchasing it at the shop.

You'll find various treasure chests that aren't from the same category as the three main chests that you must find to complete your Record collection. You are advised to open these as well if you find them because it's still treasure, albeit a less important item for sure.

Find all the Woebegone Wilds Ni no Kuni Cross World chests and vistas in the map below. If you need extra guidance reaching some of the spots, you can use our video above to ease your journey.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas Locations

Woebegone Wilds Vistas

  • Statue of Heroes
  • Shrine of Water
  • Shrine of Fire

Vista 1 – Statue of Heroes

Woebegone Wilds Vista locations are the easier part of this collectibles task. The Statue of Heroes Vista is on the top right area of the map, near the Zeppelin.

Vista 2 – Shrine of Water

Another easy Vista, with a vast view to the Shrine of Water below.

Vista 3 – Shrine of Fire

The Shrine of Fire Vista is easy to find as well, just look to the side as you cross the gate to this place.

Woebegone Wilds Chests

  • Chest in a Shrine
  • Chest Inside a Waterfall
  • Statue Protecting Chest

Chest 1 – Chest in a Shrine

We'll begin with the easiest one, thwwe Chest in a Shrine. It's the Shrine of Fire that you know from the Vista above, cross it and jump to the pillar.

Chest 2 – Chest Inside a Waterfall

This is the first tricky chest here. In the Shrine of Water area, look for a narrow descending passageway to the north. Keep following it and jump on a few stones, crossing the waterfall in the process. You have finally found the Chest Inside a Waterfall location.

Chest 3 – Statue Protecting Chest

The Statue Protecting Chest location is another tricky one. Go in the direction of the gate to the Shrine of Fire, but turn right as soon as you climb the first flight of stairs. You'll see a narrow path that isn't marked on the map, follow it and in the end you get to discover the chest that you – possibly – were searching for so long.

That's it for our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Woebegone Wilds Chests and Vistas guide. We hope it helps you get that extra loot and complete the region achievements, and don't forget to check the other Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds guide here on, check out some of them right below, with video guides included.

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