Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas Locations

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas Locations

The Eastern Heartlands is one of the early game regions in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. Things are getting less idyllic here, with a massive sulfur mine and an area filled with fiery pits and burning lava. They still make for quite some impressive vistas and you have many treasure chests around, so these are just a couple of reasons to explore every corner of the map. We'll save you the trouble and point you towards the good loot with our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas locations guide.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds | All Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas Locations

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Each region apart from the starting area Evermore includes three vistas and three chests. Vistas are represented by this floating purple pillar that you activate to trigger a beautiful panorama, while chests are just as the name implies; however, you need to have a treasure chest key to open them, an item that you may earn by completing quests, some achievements, or purchasing it at the shop.

You'll find various treasure chests that aren't from the same category as the three main chests that you must find to complete your Record collection. You are advised to open these as well if you find them because it's still treasure, albeit a less important item for sure.

Find all the Eastern Heartlands Ni no Kuni Cross World chests and vistas in the map below. If you need extra guidance reaching some of the spots, you can use our video above to ease your journey.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas Locations

Eastern Heartlands Vistas

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Sulfur Mine
  • Ignis's Nest

Vista 1 – Ancient Ruins

This is an easy Vista to spot, you're bound to pass it a few times just by doing early main story quests, so no issues here.

Vista 2 – Sulfur Mine

Find this Vista in the mine, make sure that you get closer to the location as the view distance tends to hide these items, especially with all the dust around.

Vista 3 – Ignis's Nest

Don't be scared by the impressive fiery pits of hell in front of you; just turn left as you descend the stairs and activate the lava Vista.

Eastern Heartlands Chests

  • Waterlogged Chest
  • Sulfur Mine Chest
  • Ruin Wreckage Chest

Chest 1 – Waterlogged Chest

Surely one of the most frustrating chests in the game. It's right there in front of you, still it feels unreachable because of these strange invisible walls. No, in fact it's the jumping mechanics that are somewhat rudimentary and you need to find a way to overcome this unexpected challenge. You can do this by making sure that you're not too close to the platform when jumping – get some distance between you and the rock before jumping and you should be fine.

Chest 2 – Sulfur Mine Chest

You may fail to spot this chest because it's a vast area; otherwise, just climb the ramp and grab it.

Chest 3 – Ruin Wreckage Chest

If you have mastered the jump issues you should get this one easily. Just remember to stay a bit back before jumping and it will go well.

That's it for our Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Eastern Heartlands Chests and Vistas guide. We hope it helps you get that extra loot and complete the region achievements, and don't forget to check the other Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds guide here on, check out some of them right below.

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