Noah’s Heart Beginner’s Guide: Best Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast

Noah’s Heart Beginner's Guide tips and tricks

Noah's Heart is the latest MMORPG from Archosaur Games, creators of the stunning mobile hit Dragon Raja. This time we are treated to a fully-fledged spherical open world, just like our good old Earth. In planet Noah, you can start running in one point and go on a journey around the entire planet, reaching the starting area after a long travel. But that's just one of the highlights of this game where you can change to any class depending on your favorite weapon, there is a lot of verticality to the world, and Anecdotes to be found. We have created this Noah’s Heart beginner's guide with the best tips and tricks to level up fast so that you are all set up for a great start.

Noah’s Heart Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast

Noah’s Heart Beginner's Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast

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There are many activities in Noah's Heart that go well beyond the standard story campaign. You have PvE and PvP activities and a daily activity points limit to earn rewards from events such as login, draw Phantoms, send friendship points, and more. It's fully advised to complete as many of these actions as you can since they benefit you in the long run.

In planet Noah, you can explore a diversity of quests to obtain experience and items. Exploring the world, for example, is something that increases your Adventurer level, which is another route for great prizes. But let's see where you should focus your efforts after completing the tutorial missions by reading our Noah’s Heart beginner's guide below.

Unlock Teleport Spots

True adventurers will go out of their way to discover faraway teleport spots, or portals as they are also known, and unlock them. This opens up the region and many of its previously uncharted points of interest – which were concealed on the map by fog of war, so to speak – and contributes to raising your Adventurer Level.

To unlock teleport spots you must pick up a predetermined number of elements (normally three or four) with the help of your grapple hook and jetpack. Usually this is an easy task, but every once in a while one of these challenges comes with a very strict time limit. It's up to you to find the quickest route to pick up the elements before time runs out.

Complete Matrixium Challenges

Matrixium challenges are a terrific addition to Noah's Heart. This is the kind of content where you are required in turns to use your wits and your skills. You may be tasked with solving a puzzle – for example, placing a rock in the logical spot, or discovering the order in which to destroy some statues – or proving yourself in a test of action or stealth.

Unless you become stuck in a Matrixium puzzle, these are usually over in a minute or two. They are a quick and fun way of taking a breather from the main story or world exploration, not to mention that each Matrixium solved rewards you with diamonds (to summon Phantoms) and other items. Besides, it contributes to the Adventurer exploration ranking.

Open Chests

These are a standard feature in MMOs, right? The huge planet Noah has many chests in plain sight, situated in places that could simply be behind a house or a tree, or on the roof of various buildings. But the worse bit is that there are hidden chests as well, requiring you to be more patient or attentive.

To find the location of buried chests you must use your Light Sword. It will show a beam of light pointing to the location of the nearest buried chest along with the distance. When you arrive at the spot, use your shovel to dig the chest and reap the rewards.

Chests also contribute to your area experience and each region has over a hundred, so start digging!

Unlock and Complete Encounters

Unlock and Complete Encounters

If you enjoyed the Dragon Raja Anecdotes and Tales, you're in for a treat. Encounters are the Noah's Heart Anecdotes, presented in a very similar way to the previous game.

What this means is that you must discover how and where to unlock Encounters in Noah's Heart. However, this time you have four stages for each one of these epic adventures: locked, analyzing, in progress, and completed.

These tales are sometimes fun, sometimes tragic and require your wits to unlock and complete. Either that, or using our list of Noah's Heart Encounter guides, you decide.

Find Scenery Spots

Since we're on the subject of area exploration, Noah is a lovely place for some idyllic photographs – you just have to find the right scenery spots. Yes, you can't take pictures anywhere you like.

To know where you can take pictures, you must roam the land in the hopes of finding Domily, the little flying yellowish creature. He'll call out for you and ask you to follow him to the scenery spot location – or even to a Matrixium challenge. When you arrive, the camera icon pops up and you can strike a pose and take a picture. A few more points go to your  region exploration rank and you can register the photo on the Album for extra rewards.

Summon Phantoms

Phantom affection points

Allies in Dragon Raja, Phantoms in Noah's Heart. These fellows are at the core of Noah's Heart's gacha, allowing you to summon using diamonds. From SSR to R, there are dozens of names to recruit, a few of them connected to real-life celebrities, for some unfathomable reason: Marylin Monroe, Shakespeare, and Tutankhamun.

You can grow your Phantom affection points by giving them gifts, eventually unlocking their backstories and earning rewards such as items and even outfits. All of you love a new in-game outfit, right?

Explore Realms

Realm of Thunder, Realm of Forest, Realm of Suburb… You name it. These are the dungeons in Noah's Heart and eventually the main story, Encounters, or other missions will take you there. However, if you stumble upon one of these in your travels and fulfill the level requirements, don't hesitate to drop in.

Some Realms are combat-based, but others may offer more variety to them. You may find a Matrixium challenge, one or two scenery spots, and the like, so it's always worth exploring.

Complete Your Album

Everywhere you go, always take the Album with you. This is the place where you can and should register every significant discovery that you make in Noah's Heart. You'll register the scenery spots that you have discovered/photographed, characters you have met, monsters you have eliminated, birds and insects you have discovered, fruits collected, and a few more products.

Each item that you activate in the Album rewards you with things such as diamonds and more. Besides, you earn extra rewards (usually diamonds) after registering a certain number of items of the same category. It costs nothing and it's simply a matter of confirming something that you have already done anyway, so don't you dare neglect the free loot dropping from the Album.

These are our Noah's Heart starter tips for new players. Along the way you'll find out more ways to level up, so good luck and we hope that this Noah’s Heart beginner's guide helped you before moving to the world of Noah.

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