Tears of Themis Episode 5 Trial Evidence Guide | Sins of Cynicism

Tears of Themis Episode 5 Trial Evidence Guide

The big day has finally arrived and you will face the suspects in court. Episode 5 of Tears of Themis is your biggest and most complex case yet, and you must stand up during the trial to expose the conspiracy that ended up killing reporter Jasmine Kenders and benefiting a few residents in Opaline Village, while throwing the same region in disgrace for most of the inhabitants. Facing the rival lawyer won't be easy, but now you have the evidence that you need and pieced it all together – if not, you can always take a look at the solution in our Tears of Themis Episode 5 trial evidence guide.

Tears of Themis Episode 5 Trial Evidence Guide | Heirson Health Products versus Jasmine Kenders

Tears of Themis Episode 5 Trial Evidence Guide Sins of Cynicism

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Once again, a Baldr lawyer will be your opponent in this case, the Heirson Health Products vs. Jasmine Kenders trial. William Lewis should be no match to your deduction and argumentation skills, but in case you feel stumped, the answers below will take you to the final showdown.

Evidence 1:

Ian Johnson was suborned to commit perjury, and the proof is…

  • Ian's Testimony 1

Evidence 2:

The proof that Jasmine gave Ian a loan and not a bribe is…

  • Photo of Ian's IOU

Evidence 3:

How do you prove that Ian's report is trustworthy?

  • Counter with Ian's illegal conducts

Evidence 4:

The evidence that proves Ian's real motive for stealing Opaline fish is…

  • Ian's Testimony 2

Evidence 5:

Losing the lawsuit harmed Jasmine, and the evidence is…

  • Termination Contract

An argument battle between you and rival Baldr attorney William Lewis follows, and hopefully your cards are strong enough to easily defeat him. The trial ends with the Judge declaring that Heirson Health Products must issue a public apology to Ms. Kenders' relatives and restore her reputation.

This concludes the Sins of Cynicism episode, and now we must wait for new Tears of Themis content to continue the adventures of Rosa and her four NXX investigation team partners.

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