Tears of Themis Chapter 2 Trial Evidence Guide | The Unbearable Love

Tears of Themis Chapter 2 Trial Evidence Guide Janus

Your exciting adventures in law and romance continue as you are entrusted with a new case in Tears of Themis. Chapter two is called The Unbearable Love, and your client is none other than Marius von Hagen, the rebellious but charming and wealthy heir of the Pax Group. You almost have no choice but to defend him from a murder accusation, flaunted by his manners and trust in your performance. Does a cold-blooded killer really hide underneath such a confident and smooth personality? Obviously, this article will feature every sort of spoiler, so if you want to unravel the mystery firsthand, you should stop reading by now. Everyone else, just keep reading and you'll find our Tears of Themis chapter 2 trial evidence guide below, with all the necessary items for you to successfully bring your case to a close.

Tears of Themis Chapter 2 Trial Evidence Guide | People of Stellis versus Mr. Marius von Hagen

Tears of Themis Chapter 2 Trial Evidence Guide Estelle Singh

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Before the trial, you must find evidence connections to sustain your case. Our Tears of Themis Chapter 2 Analysis Guide | The Unbearable Love Connections will take care of all that for you.

This trial starts on level 02-27 and is introduced by the judge as People of Stellis versus Mr. Marius von Hagen for the case of Ms. Estelle Singh's murder. The famous Estelle Singh was murdered and all the initial evidence points to Marius von Hagen and the poisoned box of chocolates that he offered her.

Estelle's secretary Jen will be there to provide crucial testimonies, but it's the collaboration of famed psychiatrist Vyn Richter that is going to point you in the right direction. Expert at seeing beyond appearances and reading people's ulterior motives, Vyn will do his best to help the main character explore the hotel room where the murder took place, and is even willing to dig a bit deeper to discover how the chocolates were poisoned.

But that's enough of the plot, it's time for the trial where you must fulfill your role of defense attorney for Marius von Hagen. When you are questioned about the evidence behind your allegations, just follow the Tears of Themis Chapter 2 trial evidence guide below to deliver an outstanding performance in court.

Evidence 1:

Marius didn't hold a grudge against Estelle because…

  • Pax Personnel Malfeasance Documents

Evidence 2:

Marius wouldn't lash out at Estelle from the scandal because…

  • Jen's Testimony 1

Evidence 3:

Janus planned on killing Estelle, and the evidence is…

  • Poisoned wine

Evidence 4:

The direct proof that Janus poisoned the chocolates is…

  • Lab report on silk gloves

Evidence 5:

Janus had planned to murder Estelle, and the evidence is…

  • Tetrodotoxin Transaction Info

Evidence 6:

Janus wiped off the fingerprints on Estelle's phone, and the evidence is…

  • Clean alcohol wipe

This marks the end of the Tears of Themis The Unbearable Love trial and the end of our wiki for this case. Marius von Hagen was acquitted and Janus was charged for the murder of Estelle Singh. Your career was praised by everyone, even the press, and top lawyer Artem Wing decided to make you his partner.

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