What is the Valorant Download Size | How Large is the Valorant Install Size?

Valorant download size

If you're itching for the next big multiplayer shooter, it's very likely that you're keeping an eye out for Valorant. Riot's online shooter is drawing a massive amount of attention and for a good reason – the makers of League of Legends both have the budget and skills to turn Valorant into one of the highlights of the genre. Besides, this is a game tailored for eSports and streaming, with particular attention to the lag issues and cheating that afflict other shooters. The sooner that you get into the game the better, but you may be asking yourself this question: what is the Valorant download size?

What is the Valorant Download Size | How Large is Valorant's Install?

Valorant Download Size

With no single player campaign planned, this is a pure competitive online shooter. Obviously, the Valorant download link is never going to take you into a world over one hundred gigabytes, like Modern Warfare did. In fact, it shouldn't even come any close of Call of Duty Warzone, a more graphically-intensive game that requires over 80 GB of hard disk space.

At the time of the first closed beta in April 2020, the Valorant download size is roughly 65 MB. Naturally, this executable is just the first step in this process, as the installation size is a completely different thing. The Valorant install size was 7.9 GB for the closed beta, but when the game officially launched on June 2, 2020, the install size shrunk to 7.3 GB.

Riot is surely going to add new Valorant characters, maps, features, maybe polish the graphics a bit more, and work on other aspects that will contribute to a larger install size as months go by. As it usually happens with games whose development goes way beyond than their release date – what the publishers like to call “games as a service”, a label that we utterly disdain -, there is always something finding their way into the game client via small or large patches and/or content updates.

Nonetheless, Valorant isn't going to eat up a lot of space from your HDD. The design is focused on making it accessible to the widest number of rigs possible, and that is why it isn't going to win any awards for its graphical quality. As you surely remember, League of Legends doesn't shine for its visuals, and yet it remains as one of the most popular games in the world. We'll see if the same will happen with Riot's first-person shooter.

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