A RuneScape action RPG is in the works at Jagex

RuneScape action RPG

Is Path of Exile finally going to get some real competition? With Torchlight Frontiers coming to rock 2019, an unexpected rival in the action RPG genre may just have been discovered through one of those usual but not always reliable leaks.

Nathan Richardson is a game developer with experience in studios such as CCP, Trion Worlds, Ubisoft and Behaviour Interactive, and he is currently at RuneScape developer Jagex. Now, it has been discovered in his LinkedIn profile that he is working as Executive Producer on “An unannounced Runescape Action Role Playing Game. And world domination, of course.”

This has been going for three months, which means that the game is in the early stages, so we shouldn't expect an official announcement anytime soon… if it isn't canceled in the meantime, of course.

After the failure of both DarkScape and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, and a worrying lack of Jagex games apart from RuneScape and… er, Old School RuneScape, the British developer really needs another strong game in its line-up. Here's hoping that this action RPG turns out to be the one.

Thanks MMOBomb

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