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Torchlight Frontiers info PUBLISHER: Perfect World | DEVELOPER: Echtra Games
GENRE: MMORPG, Hack'n'Slash | THEME: Fantasy
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Upcoming


Torchlight Frontiers is the third game in the acclaimed action RPG series created by Runic Games. This chapter is developed by Echtra Games, which includes original Torchlight creator Max Schaefer.

Torchlight Frontiers aims to take all the lessons from the previous games and implement them in a shared-world RPG. It takes the hubs and dungeons that fans of the series know so well and adds an MMO aspect to it. Now you can meet with friends, craft items and go on adventures together.

One of the highlights of Torchlight Frontiers is the horizontal progression system. This is something that Echtra devised to make the entire game fun, and not just about the endgame, as most MMOs are. Without any experience levels and purely basing progression around gear sets, the player will have to adapt his equipment to the zone that he is exploring. This way, even supposedly lower level content remains attractive, and dynamic gear scaling will guarantee that you will never be overpowered for a particular frontier – although equipment from a specific frontier will place you slightly above the monsters in that same frontier.

Torchlight Frontiers also includes forts for you to decorate and boost your character, as well as Relic Weapons that can be achieved through crafting and level up, basically giving you super powers for a limited period.

Torchlight Frontiers is one of the few action RPGs that could rival with the unquestionable king of action RPGs, Path of Exile. If everything goes well with the free-to-play business model as it was promised, this will be a keeper.

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