Arisha will whip your jaw to the floor in this Vindictus video

vindictus arisha whip

Arisha has evolved! The lovely lady (one of several) from the action MMORPG Vindictus has recently discovered the joys of a new weapon, the whip. I'm talking about the Korean servers, which means Mabinogi Heroes. This “awakening” will certainly find its way into the North American and European servers in a few months, so hang in there.

As for Arisha's newfound whip, this is a stunning weapon, a perfect match for a stunning warrior. It also helps that Arisha sports a wardrobe that is capable of distracting every kind of enemy.

Take a look at the skillfully edited video from Rendermax below to see Arisha's new abilities in action, as well as plenty of her armor and underwear that you get to use in Mabinogi Heroes a.k.a. Vindictus. I don't get tired of saying that this action MMORPG, released in 2010, still is one of the most beautiful available, and featuring one of the best action combat systems.


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