Ascendant One introduces two more gods: Apollon and Pegasos

Ascendant One Apollon Pegasos

Nexon is going for a decent roster for the sci-fi MOBA Ascendant One, developed by Vindictus makers DevCat. We've already been officially introduced to around fifteen characters, which isn't a bad start, including a Thanos lookalike.

The spotlight is now over two new mythological creatures, Apollon and Pegasos. We're guessing that the inspiration for the names don't need any kind of introduction, but you should definitely take a look at them below as they barely have anything to do with the originals. Well, I'm guessing that Pegasos flies, so there's that.

Ascendant One enters Early Access in Korea on September 13, 2018, with no news of an English release so far.

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