Blade & Soul talks about its endgame content

So, you've reached level 50 in Blade and Soul already, what now? Sit back and play other games while you wait for more content to be released? Not at all. We're pretty sure there's still something for you considering that NCsoft released three expansions (Rising Waters, Unchained and Silverfrost Mountains) in about two months, so here's an overview on how you can keep yourself occupied while improving your character.

Expert dungeons, for example, are great to get gold and experience, while heroic dungeons are perfect for Gold, Experience, Weapon/Accessory Evolution Materials, Cosmetics, Soul Shields and back massages. Well, maybe except for the massages bit. You can also try daily quests and PvP among other things.

There's still plenty of content coming to Blade & Soul during 2016, so keep your characters ready for Act 4, 5 and 6.

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