Bless Online is canceled in NA and EU, developer Neowiz confirmed

Bless Online western release

It didn't take long for the rumor to explode. South Korean Developer Neowiz has confirmed today (Inven through 2P) that Bless Online is canceled in North America and Europe, ending the publishing agreement with Aeria Games/Gamigo that was announced in April 2016.

Roughly translated, the cancelation says the following:

“We are delighted to announce that Bless' North American publisher and service schedule are different from each other, so Neowiz has canceled the contract smoothly after consultation. I am going to concentrate on preparing for Japanese service now.”

This doesn't mean that other western publisher won't step in and pick up the rights of Bless Online, but considering the latest developments (Korean server merge to a single server and Russian version indefinitely closed for redesign), it could be difficult for it to happen. Bless Online was seven years in the making and was published in China, Taiwan and Russia, with North America and Europe coming soon up until now.

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