Bless Online is getting a lush and sexy party dress

We don't usually talk about new item shops here, unless it's something out of the norm – you know, something like TERA's underwear, especially when it comes with a video making fun of Magic Mike. But just looking at these new outfits for Bless Online, in particular the lush party dress, brought a sparkle to our eyes. These come in four variations themed around the four seasons of the year: Spring Light / Summer Light / Autumn Light / Winter Light Costume. There's also a new male outfit and while we've never been huge fans of suspenders, we have to admit they fit pretty well with the medieval ambiance of Bless Online.

This is for the Korean version of the game, as the Russian version is going on an indefinite break this May 25, 2017, as publisher and developer try to improve it. As for the North American and European versions of Bless Online, they're already in this “revamp phase” for quite some months now.


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