Bless Online Rebuild Project changes the face of the game

Bless Online rebuild project

Neowiz has just revealed the Bless Online Rebuild Project, which aims to change several foundations of this MMORPG. Bless Online is in a weird place right now, with the awkward cancelation of Aeria Games' North American and European localization, the Russian version closing for an indefinite period and the frequent server merges.

Neowiz plans on taking actions in three main areas:

1. The system and content that makes the framework of Bless will be examined.
2. Abandoning the current structure and build it again from scratch.
3. Relocate and renew content.

The blog post goes on some detail about the current issues with Bless Online:

Character Growth
1. Wearing new items doesn't translate into clearly perceptible changes.
2. Enhancing your gear doesn't give you a proper feeling of enhancement.
3. It's difficult to enhance items as the material disappears when the enhancement fails.

1. There are many skills, but no skill properly shows the characteristics of the class.
2. There are many inefficient skills.
3. Combat is frustrating.

Travel companions (mounts and pets)
1. The characteristics and roles of vehicles, pets, and servants lack variety.
2. The ride is not worth the investment in progression.
3. The training gameplay is basic and not fun.

Gathering / Crafting
1. There are many useless crafting items.
2. Plenty of useless materials, and it's hard to gather the desired material.

User Interface / User Experience
1. Not enough elements to ease players into the game.

A test server will be created to run these changes and Neowiz will give feedback to players as the changes are implemented. More info will be revealed on July 25.

Apart from the Bless Online Rebuild Project, this MMORPG is getting new PvP content. A game mode called Flag Conquest is in the works, taking place in an open field in Beloruss, a geyser zone in the northern part of the continent. You can expect this content by the end of August.

With all these changes coming to Bless Online, do you think the game will pick up steam or it's already too late for it?

Bless Online Rebuild Project
Bless Online Rebuild Project
Bless Online Rebuild Project

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