Chii Aruel is coming to SoulWorker with tomorrow’s update

soulworker Chii Aruel

Chii Aruel is finally making it into SoulWorker North America and Europe. The initial plan to release Chii Aruel in August didn't go as expected, but tomorrow, September 17, will see her join the SoulWorker roster.

Chii Aruel will start at level 14 and shows up in Candus City, coming wtih a few events such as Chii Sprint Event and Rumble Vacation 2. On the other hand, Iris Yuma will be the subject of a skill rework. The maintenance mode to deploy this update will take at least four hours and you can check the list of changes here.

While this is the first time that Chii sets feet in the North American and European servers of SoulWorker, she already earned her job advancement in Korea last May. As usual, SoulWorker job advancements come with a costume revamp, and Chii isn't an exception, wearing a stunning new outfit to showcase her devastating new skills. Watch her in action in the video below.

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