Closers Online details the backstories for Sylvi and Seha

closers online sylvi

The anime action RPG Closers is going through a series of closed alpha weekend tests, with the third weekend starting tomorrow, September 29 at 8 a.a. PDT – check the full Closers alpha schedule. En Masse Entertainment is now sharing with players a series of trailers detailing the backstories of the Closers cast, beginning with Seha and Sylvi.

Sylvi is the caster of the Black Lambs team and her story goes like this:

“An orphan of the Dimensional War, Sylvi was raised within UNION, who discovered her Phase powers during regular testing. Her potential strength and inherent abilities pales in comparison to some of her more talented peers, but she won’t let that deter her. A perfectionist at heart, she more than makes up for her potential through hard work and determination that gives her a mastery of mental skills that surpasses other members of the Black Lambs. It was this dedication and ethos that earned her the spot as the leader of the Black Lambs and the respect of her fellow Closers.”

Story and gameplay trailers for the remaining three characters Yuri, Misteltein, and J will be released each Tuesday and Thursday over the next three weeks. In Korea and Japan, Closers Online already saw the release of several new characters, including Violet, Tina, Harpy, Wolfgang Schneider, Levia (or Revia) and Nata.

The Closers beta is planned for this fall, and we're hoping it's the open beta kind.


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