Dauntless hits 5 million players and shows no signs of slowing down

Dauntless 5 million players

Dauntless is definitely on a roll after the release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 21. It goes without saying that the PC version of Dauntless (play for free here) that also made it to the official launch via Epic Games Store makes for the most of the player base.

After reaching four million players/slayers during the first 24 hours after the launch, Dauntless has now reached five million players! Apparently, queue times are a bit of an issue right now, as some players are reporting, but this should be improved soon.

Phoenix Labs is naturally excited with the attention that Dauntless is getting and the team is hard at work in new content, but there's more than that. A Nintendo Switch version is in the works as well as a mobile edition, so it's likely that the Dauntless player base grows even more during 2020.


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