First western Soulworker Online trailer and Facebook page

western Soulworker Online trailer

Gameforge is finally sticking up to the occasion and promoting the western Soulworker Online release. A few days ago we cried tears of joy with the announcement of the open beta for late 2017, and now we see the first gameplay trailer produced by the German publisher. It's your traditional heroes-versus-monsters kind of call to action, but the anime styling of Soulworker is what makes the game.

But wait, there's more! The official Soulworker Online Facebook page is now live, so you should follow it for updates. Of course, follow too, as we're usually the first to bring you news on Soulworker.

Last but not least, Gameforge is putting the final touches on the official Soulworker Online website, and the address is already available for you to bookmark:

Take a look at the trailer below. Furthermore, if you want tons of Soulworker Online gameplay videos, your wish is granted.


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