Kurtzpel goes full archer with Dance of Wind command skills

Kurtzpel Dance of Wind gameplay

KOG Games keeps the Kurtzpel videos coming with the new weapon showcase. After the Sword of Talaimh skills video, now it's time for a ranged weapon, the bow, better known as Dance of Wind.

The video speaks for itself, with our female archer character using the Dance of Wind bow to make arrows rain onto an unsuspecting puppet. The weapon effects are pretty greenish and KOG Games is being kind enough to actually release the moves for each skill. Considering that it can get pretty complex, it's good of them to do so. Don't believe me? Then here is an example of one skill: Left Click – Right Click – Right Click (Hold) – (Release) – SpaceBar – Left Click (Hold) – (Release).

Convinced? Kurtzpel is shaping up to be a skill-based third-person action RPG with a PvP focus, but there is a PvE campaign as well. No release date yet, however.

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