KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma goes live with no auto-aim, watch the gameplay

KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma

The Fallen Light Karma is about to go live in KurtzPel today, January 15, 2020, as we've recently announced. The latest weapon or class to join the game – whatever you choose to call Karmas – comes with a unique touch: there is no aim auto-assist, so you have to work on your shot accuracy.

This is the big deal with the Elemental Buster weapon – your performance depends on how good you are at landing those shots without relying on the usual AI assist. It's a game changer that perhaps won't please every KurtzPel  player, but there are surely some Chaser looking forward to this long-range Karma. Watch the Fallen Light Karma in action in the official trailer below.

But this update brings a lot more to KurtzPel. New 5v5 PvP maps will be added to accommodate for the larger number of players. PvP Season 2 is coming and brings a few changes to matchmaking, rewards, ranks, and more.

The way that players acquire Karmas is also changing. Now you can buy Karmas for 100 CP, including those that were previously available as DLC. Sounds like a positive move that will make the game more balanced for everyone.

You can also say goodbye to the affinity system, a feature that was known to get on many players' nerves. I bid you farewell and hope that you never return.

Read the patch notes to know everything that is changing with the new KurtzPel update. 

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