KurtzPel reveals new gruesome boss and Monastery arena

KurtzPel giant creature boss

KurtzPel is at heart a PvP and co-op boss raid game, which means that it needs diverse and challenging monsters to keep players coming back for more. Despite the nice selection that we got to see – and battle – during the previous beta, more foes must be regularly added to keep PvE fresh and exciting.

KOG clearly seems to know that and doesn't want players complaining that KurtzPel relies too much on its player versus player side. Today the studio revealed a new gruesome creature that is the stuff of nightmares. Very tall and sporting a spinal cord-turned-tail that will probably be used as a weapon, this beast lurks around in a new arena.

The Room of Redemption is an underground dungeon in Regenie Monastery. This creature is rumored to appear at night in the forest and attack children of the Monastery. Creepy!

Also worth noting is the weapon that the player character is using, which is apparently new to the game. Judging by previous official info, this is the fifth karma, the Dual Souls, which is in fact dual wielding swords .

KurtzPel will release in Q1 2019 and the business model is yet to be revealed, but it is highly likely that it will be free-to-play.

KurtzPel giant creature boss artwork KurtzPel giant creature boss


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