KurtzPel global closed beta sign-ups open, new official website

KurtzPel global closed beta

KOG is now offering a chance for players all over the world to try KurtzPel for the first time. The KurtzPel global closed beta is now accepting sign-ups at the newly released official website – if you think everything looks a bit too Korean for your liking, head over to the top right option to change it to English.

There is no actual date for the global closed beta test, but it should be announced soon. Every player who signs up through the website and ends up being lucky will get two beta keys, so he can play with a friend.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

KurtzPel was already shortly available in the west via a North American alpha test and an European alpha test, and now the time is coming for players of other regions to try this anime brawler, without any region block.

As for details on this closed beta test, here are a few. You can only select the human race, either male or female. The four known karmas will be available: Sword Talaimh (Two-Hand Sword), Dance of Wind (Longbow), Diabolic Witch (Wand), and Blazing Fist (Gauntlet).

PvP has three different modes (Deathmatch, Conquest and Capture the Flag) and four different maps. PvE offers a total of 12 missions. There's a ranking system, an NPC affinity system and an equipment upgrade system.

KOG released a new KurtzPel trailer to celebrate, you can watch it below. KurtzPel's Steam page is here.


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