KurtzPel is polling players about adding (and selling) Japanese voice pack

KurtzPel Japanese voice pack

KurtzPel is a Korean anime brawler from KOG and naturally features original Korean voice work. But considering the global release, it's only natural to see other languages making it into the game.

English is obviously going to be the first addition, but there may be more to come. Considering KurtzPel's anime style, Japanese voices are in high demand and this led KOG to seriously consider the idea. So much that now they revealed a poll where they ask players if they would be willing to buy a Japanese VO pack.

Before you cry “thieves!” or something, bear in mind that KurtzPel is highly likely to release as a free-to-play game and the developers need to make money to keep the game running. Cash shop cosmetics are one of the options, but additional (and non-mandatory) DLC such as a voice pack sounds like a neat idea.

So, would you buy a Japanese voice pack, are you sticking to the original Korean voices or switching to English dubbing?


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