League of Maidens gets a new patch and Patreon keeps flying high

League of Maidens patch patreon

Maiden Gaming has just released a new patch for League of Maidens. This patch mostly fixes bugs and adds some quality of life improvements, and is further proof that the small indie team isn't pulling any punches.

But first, some extra context for those that missed any coverage on League of Maidens, such as the latest livestream. This is a superhero action game for mature players developed by a small indie team comprised of three persons working from home, one of them in part-time. This game has come a long way since we discovered it in January 2017.

To keep development going strong, a League of Maidens Patreon was recently launched. I can't say what kind of expectations Maiden Gaming had, but the Patreon is currently sitting at $19,245 per month, something that I see as fantastic for this small but dedicated team, working on a game that is definitely niche due to its adult topic.

League of Maidens patch patreon

Personally I can't wait for the NDA to lift, as I'm very curious about League of Maidens. The character customization, in particular, seems like a stunning work, offering dozens of sliders to create some truly unique characters. Furthermore, the design possibilities come with the caveat that you can go for a ridiculous female character or your average girl – it's your choice, but the results can be absolutely stunning, as you can judge by the image above.

But back to the subject at hand. The patch increases mouse sensitivity, fixes the atmosphere in the Necropolis Desert, adds stamina depletion to sprint flying or running, and much more.

League of Maidens is already on Steam in case you want to wishlist it. It is a free-to-play game and while Early Access isn't expected to last more than six months, a release date is still a mystery.

As soon as the League of Maidens NDA lifts, we should have a few alpha test keys to offer our readers. Right now, the only way to get into the fun is by contributing to the Patreon.


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