Lost Ark final closed beta begins today, new class videos released

Lost Ark final closed beta hawkeye

The final Lost Ark Korean closed beta begins today and tons of excited players are already sweating as they wait for the gates to open. Korean players, that is, and some from other regions who managed to… you know, have a really close Korean friend.

While we're bound to see plenty of new Lost Ark videos in the coming days, Smilegate has recently released a trio of official Lost Ark videos showcasing some abilities from the following classes: Bard, Hawkeye and Soul Master. While we already knew the Bard, the other two classes are making their first appearance in this closed beta, which will bring even more new content, including a more in-depth NPC relationship system and graphical revamp, six new guardian raids and 30 new islands, among other things.

The Korean Lost Ark open beta is planned for this year, while China should get this game in 2019 thanks to Tencent. I bet that we're going to get an English Lost Ark version late 2019 or most likely 2020, but there's nothing official as of yet.

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