Lost Ark western release likely, after Korean version is ‘solidified’

If your reaction to the amazing Lost Ark trailer was anything like ours, you've certainly placed this hack and slash online RPG on top of your wanted games. We were pleased to read that Smilegate and Tripod Studio were developing Lost Ark with a global market in sight, but deceived as we are by Blade & Soul and Phantasy Star Online 2 – and why not, Kingdom Under Fire 2 -, we're constantly in need of being reassured. So it's good news to read it again in an interview with Worlds Factory.

A Smilegate representative said the following about a possible western release: “First, we will be launching in the Korean market. In 2015, we are going to proceed with CBT. We are considering launching Lost Ark in western market, and the date will be finalized after solidifying the service schedule in Korea.” Pretty much like Black Desert Online and Tree of Savior, the studio wants to fine-tune the original Korean version before revealing anything solid about the western plan.

The interview also states that the business model still isn't decided and that players actually asked for a subscription fee: “When Lost Ark was unveiled in Korea, many users had requested fixed-rate subscription fees. We know what that means. Everyone wants to play games for free. Nevertheless, they asked for subscription fees. It means that users feel doubts about cash policy in free games. They want to be able to pay honestly and play a game worth their money. We think the “pay-to-win” business model should be changed. And we will find reasonable business model with in regards to this matter.”

If you haven't heard about this Diablo-like MMO, then just watch the trailer below and see what all the fuss is about.

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