Mabinogi Heroes introduces Arisha’s playable sister Miul

Mabinogi Heroes Arisha sister Miul

With a somewhat unflattering character release rate that is around one new hero a year, no one would expect devCAT to release the next Mabinogi Heroes (known as Vindictus in North America and Europe) so soon.

South Korea received Grimden, the assassin in August 2018, while the west is getting it this December. That is why the announcement of the 14th character comes as a surprise, and it's a good one: Miul is her name, and she is Arisha's younger sister, from whom she was separated when they were young. Arisha is another playable character, so it's a great fit.

Miul seems to be some sort of dual gunner character, which gets two thumbs up from us. There is no release date or gameplay video yet, but it shouldn't be long now.

Via MMOCulture

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