Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus is getting new Assassin class Grimden

Mabinogi Heroes Vindictus Assassin Grimden

Entertained it may be with the upcoming sci-fi meets gods MOBA Ascendant One, but developer DevCAT is still supporting Mabinogi Heroes with new content and new classes. You may know this game as Vindictus in the west, and it remains as one of the best examples of action combat, even after all these years. Not a great promotion for the current state of the MMO, to be honest.

As for the new character, or class, his name (yes, it's a male!) is Grimden and he is the 13th character in Mabinogi Heroes. Clearly an Assassin type, he uses a single-handed weapon and is coming to the game on August 9, 2018. Take a look at Grimden's announcement trailer below.

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