First-person shooter Metro Conflict is shutting down (again) late June

Metro Conflict shutting down

History repeats. Maybe this time it is for the best, as developer Red Duck may have finally given up on Metro Conflict, a shooter that failed to make an impression.

Metro Conflict: The Origin is shutting down on June 21, 2018, after four or so months of operating as a free-to-play game. The interesting bit is that Metro Conflict relaunched as a buy-to-play game after failing as a free-to-play game under OGPlanet's supervision. So, the developers thought that it was a brilliant idea taking their failed free-to-play game and relaunching it as a buy-to-play game… Well, I guess someone, somewhere, fell for it.

Metro Conflict isn't a bad game, but it looks and feels like your generic online FPS. It failed to rub shoulders with one of the most played free military FPS's nowadays, Black Squad, and is now going away for good… probably.

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