New Kritika Online archer class gets character creation video

new Kritika Online archer class

We keep on digging about the new Kritika Online archer class which is bound to launch on July 6 for the Chinese servers and probably a little after in Korea. After a few teaser videos, this class is already available in China, or at least its character creation stage.

In this video you get to see the usual tasteful – and fanservice-y – anime graphics from Kritika Online, and the slight but okay-ish customization options. You can also take a gander at a gameplay preview video for the class, showing some of her combat skills. You'll see a shower of arrows, rapid fire, and if you don't blink, you may notice the eagle diving around – probably attacking, or maybe the eagle is an ability in itself?

The new Kritika Online archer class is also commonly known as Sky Dancer, although we'll have to wait for quite a few months for the official English name. En Masse Entertainment is going to begin Kritika Online's western open beta on June 29.


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