Kritika Online open beta begins June 29, no more wipes

Kritika Online

Good news, everyone! En Masse has just announced that the Kritika Online open beta begins on Thursday, June 29 at 9:00 AM PDT (sign up here if you didn't already). If you purchased a Founder's Pack then you'll get an head start period beginning Tuesday, June 27 at 9:00 AM PDT. As is usually the case, your progress in the Kritika Online open beta will be saved for the official launch later this summer, as no further wipes are planned.

The Kritika Online closed beta ended on June 13 after three exciting weeks. This translated into a nice Kritika infographic showing things such as the average hours played per day (3.5 for each player), how many players reached the max level of 65 (only 7%), and your favorite characters (30% Rogue, 30% Warrior, 20% Gunmage and 20% Reaper).

The Kritika Online open beta officially kicks off with a livestream on June 29 on En Masse's official Twitch channel, starting at 1:00 PM PDT. This is the perfect place to learn about some changes coming to the game based off player feedback, the community initiatives and playing some dungeon runs. Brianna Knickerbocker, the actress voicing the Rogue, will also be interviewed.

Kritika Online features four unique characters (Warrior, Gunmage, Rogue, Reaper) and the Korean version is already teasing the eighth class. This means that you can expect a series of updates for the western version of this game. Quite frankly, we are glad to see Kritika Online coming to North America and Europe after a few years of nothingness, as this game fits into a niche that deserves more competition. We are fans of both Dragon Nest and Vindictus, and Kritika Online is another quality brawler that deserved the localization efforts. Considering En Masse's track record with TERA, we're confident they'll do the game justice, and now it's up to western players to keep it going.

Kritika Online beta

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