New KurtzPel trailer shows weapons and combat tutorial

KurtzPel trailer

KOG Games has released a new gameplay video showing some of the ins and outs of its upcoming anime action MMO KurtzPel. After a couple of videos detailing character creation and PvP, they're not giving any signs of slowing down.

As you may have read already, KurtzPel is a PC game that will be mostly focused on PvP, but PvE is also available. The following video shows you over 10 minutes of tutorial gameplay from at least four weapons. I'm guessing there is no gender lock and each character is able to switch between two weapons, which makes for the dual-wielding combat feature of the game.

The weapons you can see are a bow (Dance of Wind), a greatsword (Sword of Talaimh), a staff (Diabolic Witch) and dual swords (Dual Soul). It's all very flashy and colorful, and if the arena was a set in a urban region, it could almost be mistaken for SoulWorker Online.

KurtzPel is shaping up to be one for lovers of crazy and relentless action combat, but I'm hoping there's a place in its heart for players who prefer PvE content. There is no word of an English release so far, but since it's KOG Games, it could happen.

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