Riot Games announces League of Legends fighting game Project L

League of Legends fighting game Project L

Riot Games has finally revealed more about the fighting game that everyone knew existed since… well, since Riot acquired Radiant Entertainment and decided to axe the free-to-play robot-fighting game Rising Thunder. The new fighting game was confirmed last August, but we still lacked the confirmation that it was indeed set in the League of Legends universe, or an original IP.

The Riot Pls Anniversary served as the pretext to reveal some additional info on this project. Now we know that this League of Legends fighting game Project L is a real thing, but it's still in very early stages of development. Tom Cannon, Riot Games' employee and EVO co-founder is leading this project and revealed a few seconds of footage showing Ahri and Darius in a heated fight.

League of Legends fighting game Project L

This is looking like a traditional 1-on-1 brawler similar to the Street Fighter series, but with the added strength of the League of Legends universe and characters. We're extremely curious about the size of the roster when the game launches – considering that League of Legends currently has over 150 champions, many of them will surely be left  out at launch, being added through subsequent updates.

The League of Legends fighting game Project L is now going dark for awhile, so this is pretty much all the info that there is right now. The official announcement isn't planned anytime soon, but knowing that the League of Legends mythology is being used in the game is a major plus for LoL fans. 

In case you prefer something that isn't related to League of Legends, Riot Games is also working on the competitive shooter Project A. But Riot had a lot more to show, including Project F, potentially a Diablo-like action RPG, and Legends of Runeterra, the collectible card game that everyone knew was coming.

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