SoulWorker: Anime Legends mobile game revealed, releases later this month

SoulWorker: Anime Legends mobile game

Gameforge has revealed SoulWorker: Anime Legends, an adaptation of the popular anime action RPG for Android and iOS. Coming later this month, the SoulWorker: Anime Legends mobile game aims to bring the gameplay and heroes of the PC game into portable devices.

The SoulWorker Anime Legends release date is set for July 2020, and is a mix of familiar and brand-new gameplay. New areas, maps, and content were specifically created, with PvP features and ranking systems making it into the game as well. Epic mass battles on an open battlefield are promised by the developers, Aprogen Games. After some investigation, we've discovered that SoulWorker Anime Legends is in fact the western release of SoulWorker ZERO, a game that we have discussed in the past.

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The cast from the PC SoulWorker is here, or at least six heroes to begin with: Haru Estia (Soulum Sword), Lilly Bloommerchen (Mist Scythe), Erwin Arclight (Gun Jazz), Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms), Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar), and Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol). Other classes and content will be released post-launch via regular updates. The action-packed gameplay from the original game was revised so that it translates perfectly to Android and iOS control schemes.

“We are excited to invite players to an all-new SoulWorker experience on the go through their mobile devices,” said Botond Nemeth, Executive Producer at Gameforge. “As a fully stand- alone title in the franchise with new adventures to embark upon, players can expect new, dynamic gameplay set in the SoulWorker universe that they love plus new and exciting updates after release, so stay tuned!”

SoulWorker Anime Legends will be released with English, French, and German languages, with more to come.


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