SoulWorker Japan introduces new character Iris Yuma with a trailer

Soulworker website

After the recent reveal of the latest character to join the roster of the Japanese SoulWorker Online game, Lion Games has properly introduced Iris Yuma to players with the help of a new and stylish trailer. Or in fact should we say she was reacquainted with the players who know her from the first ever Soul Worker trailer, before the game was revamped.

Iris Yuma aka Hammer Stol has an amazing and insanely big hammer and cannon mix that she uses in diverse ways, but all of them seem very damaging to enemies. Iris is mostly a melee character, but she is somewhat versatile considering that the cannon fires rockets at mid-range and has this cool laser beam.

German publisher Gameforge is working on the North American and European versions of SoulWorker for a predicted 2017 release.

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