Soulworker Online Taiwan mixes cosplay and gameplay

Soulworker Online cosplay

While we're sitting and waiting for the western Soulworker Online open beta, scheduled for the coming months (our guess is November), this anime action RPG is making waves in other regions. One of the regions where Soul Worker just entered open beta is Taiwan, with publisher Cayenne Entertainment handling the publishing duties. Head over to the official site if you're from that region, otherwise hang in there for a while more.

To celebrate the Soulworker Online open beta in Taiwan, a few videos are being released. One of the hottest things right now to promote any game is cosplaying as the main characters, and that is just what happens here. Haru Estia, Lily Bloommerchen, Erwin Arclight and Stella Unibell are some of the heroes and you can see them in the videos below. It's a two-in-one: Soulworker Online cosplay and new gameplay at the same time.

Gameforge is currently working on the official North American and European Soulworker Online website, and we can't wait to see it going live (and signing up for the upcoming beta).


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