Soulworker Online Haru Estia job upgrade skill videos

Soulworker online skills

Soulworker Online is starting the release of job advancements for its heroes and the first one is Haru Estia, also known as Soulum Sword. The job upgrade reveal shows a dual-sword wielding fighter and some relentless action. Now we get a look at some of her actual skills, thanks to a handful of new and very short videos.

Haru Estia's advancement results in some AOE smashing attacks, lightning fast movement and slashes, a spinning attack and even a bolt shot from her sword. You can watch the skills below.

The release of Haru Estia's job upgrade is planned for August 30 in Korea. Gameforge is working on the North America and European releases and has finally officially confirmed that the Soulworker Online western open beta will begin late 2017.

soulworker online haru estia job upgrade

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