SoulWorker video shows new summer dances and emotes

SoulWorker summer emotes

The SoulWorker Rumble Vacation is like in Korea to celebrate the summer time and Lion Games has just released a new video showing a bit more of this event.

As you should know by now, summer is the perfect time to bring some cool bikinis and shorts to the in-game store, and considering that SoulWorker has some pretty cool visuals, this is the perfect treat for fans – I can see many fans of Iris Yuma, Lily Bloommerchen, Haru Estia and Stella Unibell forking out a few quids to get these new costumes and emotes.

This video shows quite a bit of new summer-themed dance moves and emotes, as fighting isn't the only thing that you do in SoulWorker. We'll probably get this one in the west next year, unless Gameforge pulls out a surprising swift move.

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