SoulWorker large update coming, includes Haru Estia advancement

Soulworker update Haru Estia advancement

SoulWorker is getting a huge update on September 6, Gameforge has announced during Gamescom 2018. Not only it brings new dungeons, it also features the first class advancement for the western version.

Haru Estia, or Soulum Sword, is the first character to be treated to a class advancement in the west. This will give her six new skills as well as a secondary sword. Oh, and a nice cape to round things up. We've covered this advancement in the original Korean version, so head over here if you want to check Haru's new skills. The update will also bring eight new dungeons, increase the level cap from 55 to 60, add a new hub city called Grasscover Camp as well as an assortment of new NPCs, missions, items and more.

Gameforge also promised that they will release new content on a regular basis, meaning we'll get new SoulWorker stuff pretty much every month.

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