This is the Force Master week in Blade & Soul

The Force Master class takes the spotlight this week in the continued Blade and Soul‘s class highlight series. The Force Master is a ranged spell caster that boasts powerful spells and AoE attacks, but isn't particularly good at defensive abilities. This class deals ice and fire damage and has some pretty awesome moves, one of them being turning enemies into ice and the other one could almost be taken directly from Star Wars: called the Phantom Grip, you can hold your enemies “choking and dangling in the air, before draining their health, blasting them with unleashed energy, or even knocking them far away.” There's a particularly memorable bit in the class introduction video below where an enemy plummets to his death thanks to this move.

You can read the Force Master combos and abilities in full detail here. Previous weeks featured the Summoner, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master and Destroyer. That leaves just two: Assassin and Blade Dancer.


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