You can try The Cycle’s second map for the first time tomorrow

The Cycle second map

Did you like what you saw from the first showing of The Cycle's second map? Looks promising, doesn't it? Now, Yager is eager (pun intended) to show you the map for real, when you and every other player with a key try it for the first time during tomorrows playtest.

This special playtest will run for three hours, starting at 4 PM CEST. If you still don't have a key, you can sign up until 1 PM CEST tomorrow to grab one.

The Cycle is a PvPvE sci-fi shooter where PvP is mostly optional. The matches are more about completing contracts than engaging in firefights with fellow Prospectors. The diversity of approaches and solid shooting mechanics convinced me that this game could become a winner and divert many players from the never-ending Battle Royale genre.


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